Attention to You, Parents!!

Does Your Kids Like To Draw? Looking for The Best Drawing Tablet for Your Kids?

Then you’ve come to the right place! This is THE BEST drawing tablet that you can possibly give to your kids now, hands down!


Jot Down Online Class Notes

With the online classes are being customary now, due to the pandemic, this tablet will help your child to jot down their notes!


For Drawing, Writing

Our kids like to express their creativity through drawing and writing. Why not give them this tablet instead, and see their smile!


Business Notes, Presentation

Not only that this tablet are mainly used for kids, but it can be used by us adults as well, for our presentation notes and ideas.


LCD E-Drawing Tablet, Paperless

Our LCD drawing tablet helps save our beloved earth, by making our effort to use less papers, while maximizing full productivity.

Introducing You LCD E-Drawing Tablet, Writing Tablet, & Doodle Board Gift for Your Kids!


No More Kids Mess!

With LCD drawing tablet, children can freely release their natural instincts, enjoy painting, count numbers, spell words at any time and place without no longer making a mess on the ground or walls.


Unlimited Surface Usage!

It is just like a piece of paper that can’t be used up! The drawing tablet is built in sealed button battery (replaceable), which can work long time with tens of thousands of erases!


Real Handy Portability!

The 8.5 inch size of drawing tablet would make it easy to be taken out everywhere. And the tablet is made from friendly material, safe for school use and all around the house, office and car.

This LCD E-Drawing Tablet Helps
Parents Like You Solve…


The Issue You’re Having When Your Kids ‘Decides’ to Draw to Their Hearts’ Contents on Your House Wall… OMG!


Teaching Your Children so They May Express Themselves ‘The Right Way’ by Providing them the Necessary Equipment Instead.


Break Your Kids’ Smartphones Addiction’ Save Their Eyesight and Let’s Go Back to How it Was Before, Simpler.

The Best Features of E-Drawing Tablet

Bring it Anywhere You Want

Hassle-Free from Wall Scribble

Environmental and Paperless

No Addiction Towards Phones/Ipads

Suitable for All Ages and Occupations

One Click Erase

Deaf-Mute People Can Communicate Better

A Call To Save Our Earth!

LCD e-drawing tablet is designed to save more papers. Not like writing on papers before, now this electronic writing tablet not only can be used for kids’ writing, drawing or maths, but also for adults’ to leave important messages, drafting or making some notes.

Say goodbye to papers! Now there’s no need for you to use papers everywhere!


What Our Customers Say


Bought this for my 2 year old. I thought it was something entirely different than it turned out to be. My daughter loves it. It arrived on time and quickly. My two year old was able to take ahold of it and figure out how to use it. Very simple to use but a very creative and neat product especially for younger children learning about cause and effect and colors and holding a pencil. I do recommend this for anyone creative, artistic and younger children.

Good Product!

LCD Tablet Customer

Love it!! I love that when you write there are colors. I was worried cause in the pictures the pen wasn’t attached to the doodle board so I knew for sure my nephew would lose it but it came with a little string to attach it to the board! It’s perfect!

Amazing buy!

LCD Tablet Customer

It’s a very fun little tablet, I’ve found myself sat with it for a while as i find it quite therapeutic seeing the colours and so on. 
It features a lock button on the back which prevents you from accidentally wiping the screen – however slide to the unlock position and the bin button instantly wipes the screen clean. fresh slate for you to scribble on! looks really nice and the kids love it too. with this you save on wasting scraps of paper because you can just delete it and start all over again!

Very Fun Tablet!

LCD Tablet Customer

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LCD Tablet Drawing for Kids


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